If you haven’t seen it already…

Check the latest issue of the magazine. You’ll see my name in there a couple of times. I’m famous! Now that Ashton and Demi are done maybe now I have a chance! Just kidding, obviously Zac Efron is my first choice.

Anyway, I was pretty excited to see my name in print next to a few pretty cool things. I know I have said that I’m not sure I want to work in magazines as a career, and I still think that is true, but it felt great to see all that phone tag and editing paid off. There are a couple clips for my portfolio! There’s my name, in the archives, forever! Huzzah!

It has been an interesting experience, working in this office. My last day is a week from today, and our editor is having a big lunch party that day for those of us who are leaving (how nice! And free food!). It’s kind of funny, because on the invite email it says it is a chance for us to get to know each other better – shouldn’t we have done that back in early September when we started? I don’t freaking know anybody here! Oh well, I think it will be fun. It turns out that one of the web interns is a fellow Duck! How neat.

Anyway – happy PAC-12 Championship day.. Go Ducks!

See you in a few hours, Eugene.


Agency Tours

I love journalism. I think it’s great that under the umbrella of one profession there are so many disciplines – all of which are so different. I have always been focused on writing, so focused on working in the magazine industry that I never gave any of the other facets of this sphere a second thought. I clearly don’t know how to effectively plan for my own future.

Well, all else aside, in our J 409 class we went on two agency tours in good ‘ol Portland. At first I was a total brat about it (in my head, not out loud). “Ughhh why do I have to go, I’m not interested in PR, I’m into real journalism.” I know, I’m a gem. So, fast forward to our tour of Edelman, a worldwide PR firm with an office in town that houses 45ish employees.  What I liked about Edelman – besides the people that worked there, who were great – was that it is this global company, but the office was small and it has a very family-like, community feel. This is a company that handles the PR for Xbox as well as for Starbucks. It was cool to see the kind of things they do for them – and how they have something different every day. At the magazine I have something different every day but it’s still always the same.

Fast forward again to yesterday (see what I did there?) when we went on a tour at Creative Media Development (CMD). CMD is an integrated marketing agency that literally does it all. Not only were their examples of their work fun to learn about, but everyone was nice and friendly (even the guy taunting all of us Ducks about the SEC and LSU). But I mean… Timbers. Need I say more?

There’s no pity in the Rose City.

The point of this post was really to explain that I love the idea of exploring other journalistic outlets and expanding my horizons at a place like CMD or Edelman.


Holiday season is upon us…

Thank goodness! A lot of people get stressed out about the holidays, but I loves them. Everyone is (seems) happy and we get time off of work – and if you don’t get time off you get time and a half, which is nice.

The only thing about this post that will be relevant to my internship is the fact that I get Thursday and Friday off next week for Thanksgiving! Yay!

My grandma’s sister, Sheenagh, comes into town next Wednesday – she’s the best. She understands everything that i do and encourages me to go for whatever I want. Being the first in the family to go to a university has put me on some sort of strange pedestal, which I don’t necessarily agree with, but I appreciate all of the encouragement that I get from my great-aunt and my grandparents.

Anyway, back to Sheenagh. We always have the greatest time together. One of the many things I love about her is that we can talk about fashion and music and then have a meaningful conversation about politics or just life. It’s always a treat having her in town for Thanksgiving, since she lives near San Francisco otherwise. My grandparents always bring out a “special” chair for her, and she and I are the only people in the family who like cranberry sauce, so we basically only have it when she’s here.

Anyway, I love my family and it’s always nice to be able to see everyone in one spot – it doesn’t happen very often!

I’ll leave you all with this awesome Thanksgiving through the ages timeline from the Boston Globe. I love history and you should too!

I’m drowning in fact-checking!

It’s funny, because the beginning of this week was the slow period, because we were between issues, you know? And then today I had four stories put on my desk to fact check (one of  them is a list of like 60 doctors… yikes!) and two short-ish writing assignments (both of which I need to have done by next week). I am actually resulting to taking the book review to Eugene with me this weekend and working on my “weekend off.”

My editor warned me that the January issue was going to be basically insane, but this is just the first day! Holy crap!

Oops- I saved a draft of this post last Thursday and I just found it… my bad guys. Anyway I’m still drowning in fact checking and doctors are nearly impossible to get a hold of, but I’m hanging in there!

And my least favorite question is….

“Where do you see yourself in the future?”

The sarcastic punk in me always wants to reply with, “Who told you about my ESP?!” Instead I just stumble around my words and hope something coherent comes out.

The fact of the matter is that I don’t know. I know that I like to write. That is all I know. I don’t know where I see myself in the future. I don’t know where I see myself tomorrow, today – heck, I don’t even know where I see myself yesterday.

I’ve never been good at planning for my future. I applied to college early, but not out of preparation – I was just all squared away and I wanted to get it over with. I applied for transfer to U of O on a whim, got in and decided to go. I applied to the PDXSX because I wanted to be closer to home
(as in live at home and not pay rent) and I knew I would get a great experience from it (also, I knew it would be a good way to get my foot in the door – I like to think of myself as a free spirit but sometimes my brain does these things without informing me. I think it’s nice). This article says that an ENFP is: “a free spirit, creative, spontaneous, insightful, disorganized, dramatic, fun-loving, imaginative, non-conforming and definitely not neat.” (see what I did there? If not, go back a few posts!) I’m not sure I would say I am disorganized -and I am definitely neat. Sometimes. And I am never seriously dramatic. I do it jokingly! But hey, I’ll take it.

I like to put things off and just let things happen because I don’t have a plan for the future. I think my heart doesn’t care, and it wants me to just do whatever I feel like doing, but my head knows that sometimes you just have to prepare. So thank you, head. I appreciate that one of us has a plan.

I think I would have done well in the sixties. Minus all the psychedelic drugs… just because I don’t like to think about the future doesn’t mean I don’t want to have one.


Down to my last month

It’s weird that I have been here for two months already. It went by fast, which I suppose is good, because I just want to be done with this term already! It’s been pretty fun, working at a (non-student-run) magazine. I’ve spoken with a lot of really interesting people in all sorts of professions, and I’ve seen my name in print – which is probably the coolest part of the whole thing.

But I think that I have discovered through this process that I am not sure I want to work in the magazine industry. It is so fast-paced and ever-changing, and I think some people thrive on that but I have more laid-back tendencies. I thought I could make myself really love it, but I can’t.

I’ve been planning on being a journalist since I was really young, and I think I’ll always be involved in some capacity, but I don’t know if I can be just… “on” all the time. Also, I can’t stand being in an office and having so little contact with anyone. I understand that this part is probably a product of me being an intern and my particular job not being to write stories, but still I see our editors sitting in their offices looking stressed out and crunched for time and I can’t see myself doing that. I don’t handle stress well (I know, I know. I’m a big wimp). Or maybe I just don’t know what i want yet.

The thing is, I just love to write. And I think as long as I can do that somehow, I’ll be happy. Maybe I just need to write fiction and become some sort of pretentious starving artist. Or maybe some artist will find me and I’ll become their muse and I’ll live some glamorous Parisian lifestyle.

Here’s to hoping, guys.


All work and too much play = sick.

Having two jobs and school and homework and trying to make time for friends has finally caught up with me. I’m sick, dangit!

I was hoping this would be the term that I didn’t get sick, but I was clearly wrong. I always do this. I put everything else before taking care of myself, because I’m 22 and I’m invincible, and then mid-quarter my favorite accessory is a box of Kleenex.

But I think that being said, it has been worth it. I’ve been getting a lot done at the office and I’ve been managing to get all my homework done (how, I have no idea…) And I’ve been able to spend a good amount of time with my friends. The only thing I haven’t been able to fit in is sleep.

Is this what the real world is like? Because if it is I’m not sure I’m ready.

I like sleeping. A lot. But I never seem to get any (or when i can, I go to Eugene for football games, go to bed really late, then get woken up at 7am to, “Get up, it’s gameday! Time to start drinking!” To which I of course say, “Sick. No way. I have to drive home later.”

College students never understand when a fellow student says no to a beer at 7am. What on earth is wrong with people!?

Anyway, it’s also been difficult trying to get all of my writing done for the magazine, as well as my homework. It turns out I’m not as good at juggling my time as I thought I was. I found this helpful handout from Cornell University on managing your time, complete with a blank schedule to fill in (I love stuff like this. I just clearly suck at doing it well…).

I’m hoping at some point in my life I will figure out how to not waste my own time. But until then, I’ll just scramble until I get sick, then start the whole process over again.